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Review Paranormalcy by Kiersten White


by Kiersten White

Haper Teen

August 2010

352 p.

Evie is as normal as she can think, meaning that she works for the IPCA, International Paranormal Containment Agency, she tracks paranormals, and put them in the correct place. Never she though she could be one of those paranormals. Until, well, now.I loved this book, as I mention before, this was my very first audio book and I loved it, the narrator made a great job, right now, I can not read the book without listening to the voices in my own head. It is crazy but I like it.

The book is told in a first person and a present tense which I think it was the best way of doing it, Evie is a very young woman, and all her feelings and thoughts, are shared best this way. While you go trough the story, you get involved in all the mistery surrounding Evie, and you get to understand her, but must of all to care about her, she is such a nice girl with noble and innocent feelings and she seems to be all alone.

And then there is Lend, a misterious guy, a paranormal guy, who enters to IPCA offices without permission, he es is so polite and unique, that Evie, and myself, cannot resist feeling attracted to him.

The story tell us about some antique fairy legend that involves Evie in some way, and that is the cause of many paranormals dying.

So we have romance, mistery and action, what else could we need.

I strongly recommend you this book, a must read definitely and I give to it 5 Crazy Book Cats.



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  1. I really liked this book, but something was just off. I honestly, and this is bad, have no urge to read the second :-( but you review was great!


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