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Trailer Release LEMNISCATE by Jennifer Murgia

(Angel Star Sequel)
by Jennifer Murgia
Lands Atlantic Publishing
March 2011
252 p.

For Teagan, these last few months have been heaven on earth—especially now that Garreth, her boyfriend and guardian angel, is earthbound. But perhaps Garreth is becoming a little more “human” than either of them expected.

Now, Teagan must realize that her world is once again about to shift, as she questions the faith she held in others against those once considered enemies.

In this continuation of Angel Star, Lemniscate will draw you even deeper into the world of dark and light as Teagan realizes the angel who could possibly save them all is the one angel she feared the most.

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Interview with Author Michelle Zink

Happy Halloween!!!!

And since is Halloween I'm giving you and myself a gift, an interview with the awesome Michelle Zink, author of Prophecy of the Sisters and Guardian of the Gate.

Hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!!

Remember soon to come some news about Guardian of the Gate, then its review, and finally a GiveAway!!!

So Michelle, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?
Mu kids and I are big film and music fans. We spend most of our time together watching movies, going to concerts, and just talking (sometimes late into the night) about everything under the sun.It's a low-key life that I cherish on a daily basis. I love to travel, too, and look forward to doing more of that in the near future.

When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?
If you had asked me when I was a child and teen what I wanted to do when I grew up, I would have said, “Be a writer.” But I lost it somewhere along the way as I was encouraged to get a “real” job, be responsible, etc. I really didn’t have any role models or anyone who even talked to me about being a writer or what a career as a writer would look like. It all seemed very mysterious! By the time I was 29, I was working as a Director of Sales and Marketing for a technology consulting firm. I was making plenty of money, had a house a mile from the beach, a nanny and a housekeeper – and was completely miserable. I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life getting up every morning only to spend ten hours every day doing something that didn’t interest me at all. So I did this crazy thing and sold my house, quite my job, and moved myself, my then-husband, and my four children (who were between the ages of 2 and 9 at the time) 3,000 miles to a small town in New York. It was beautiful, quiet, and most importantly, cheap! The cheap part was crucial, because it meant that I could take a break from being the primary breadwinner and take some time to figure out what I really wanted and who I really was. During the 2-3 years it took me to find my way back to writing, I learned that I didn’t need as much STUFF as I thought I did. I found that I was very happy and fulfilled at home with the woodstove going, baking from scratch, reading with my children, and writing. And finding my writing again was like breathing. It was an epiphany, and I suddenly couldn’t imagine how I’d lived without it for so many years. All of my worldly cares fell away when I was writing, and I had the greatest sense of euphoria. I felt ALIVE for the first time since I was a teenager. I wanted to hang onto that feeling, so I wrote more and more and more.

When did you started to write?
I started writing seriously in 2005 and finished five novels over the next two-and-a-half years before Prophecy (my fifth finished book) sold to Little Brown in July of 2007.

How the idea of Prophecy of the Sisters was born?
I get a lot of my ideas from ancient myths and legends. Angels and demons are kind of my thing (as you can probably tell from Prophecy), so I read a lot about them. Sometimes nothing happens and I just keep reading, but every now and then, something will spark an idea, and I’ll think, “Waaaaaait a minute!” The initial seed of the story came from the biblical legend of the Watchers, a legion of angels who were said to have been sent to Earth to watch over mankind. In the legend, the angels fell in love with mortal women and were banished from Heaven, after which they were referred to as the Lost Souls. Hearing that phrase – the Lost Souls – was my dun-dun DUN! moment.

Did you scare yourself while writing it?
Lol! Sometimes! Especially since I'd write late at night and listen to the film score to the movie The Village. There's one piece that always made me jump!

Did you do any kind of research for it?
I did research as needed to maintain the authenticity of the time period, but I didn't do as much of it as you might think. This is because I've always felt Prophecy is a fantasy that happens to be set in the very dark, Gothic era of the 1890s, not historical fiction. I never wanted the story to take a back seat to period details.

Is any character based on real people?
Actually, no! My characters come to me more or less fully formed, and in this case, they weren't based on anyone at all.

How was the process of writing and editing for you?
I love the stream-of-consiousness feeling I get while drafting. It's so fun to just immerse myself in the atmosphere of my story and give myself permission NOT to worry about the details just yet. I enjoy editing for a different reason. It's more academic for me, I guess. And of course, it's always scary when you first start deconstructing pieces of your book - all the while just HOPING you're going to be able to put it all back together again. But I enjoy this part, too, because I feel like I learn so much about the craft of writing and the construction of a novel.

How many time passed between writing and publishing Prophecy of the Sisters?
Prophecy took me three months to write and ten months to edit after which it sold in a three-day pre-empt.

Was it hard publishing it?
I’m not gonna lie; it’s not easy. Prophecy of the Sisters was my fifth book, and I wrote 6-8 hours a day for two-and-a-half years before selling it. I tried (and failed) to get an agent with book #1, got an agent with book #2 but didn’t sell it, and finally went out with Prophecy (and had two books in between that no one ever read). If you want to be published with any major, traditional publisher, you really should get an agent first. They represent your interests, advise you on changes that will increase your chances of selling your book, and act as your advocate in all negotiations. After that, your agent will submit your manuscript to editors based on his/her understanding of what each editor is looking to add to their list. Then, it’s all a matter of an editor loving it and being able to sell the rest of the Acquisitions Committee on its potential.
Without spoilers, what does readers should expect from Guardian of the Gate?
Guardian of the Gate ups the action with an epic journey, a mysterious new guy, and a betrayal of unimaginable proportions.

Your favorite Book?
That's a tough one, but I'd have to say White Oleander by Janet Fitch. If you haven't read it, you MUST.

Your favorite author?
Stephen King for sure! He's had such a huge influence on my work.

This is a question I always love to do to writers, do you love writing? And why?
I do love it, but it's even more than that. I have a chaotic mind. Writing's the only thing that truly makes me feel centered. It's like breathing. I honestly don't know how I'd stay sane without it.

Finally, anything else you would like to share with us?
Just a big thank you for hosting me on your blog, Rose, and another one for all the readers out there who've been so unbelievably supportive of Prophecy!Love.


As I've say it, Ms. Zink, is an awesome lady, and suuuper kind, and I'm grateful she took some of her time and share it with us.

Enjoy your Halloween weekend, read a book, read a Michelle Zink's book!!!



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Reseña Profecía de las Hermanas de Michelle Zink

368 p.

Finalmente llego a la reseña de este libro, en este momento debo decir, que este es uno de mis libros favoritos de este 2010, me encantó, me atrapó desde la primera página.

Toda esta siguiente semana, estaré compartiendo algunas cosas en referencia a Michelle Zink, empezando por esta reseña, después una entrevista, luego algo del segundo libro y por último la reseña del mismo. Si todo va bien al final de la semana habrá algún give away!! Así que estén pendientes.
Una cosa más que debo decir antes de llegar a la reseña es que, amé este libro, si ya sé , ya lo dije, y lo amé por que es totalmente increíble, pero después de conocer a Michelle Zink (via web) debo decir que amé aún más el libro. Ella es una de las más amables mujeres que he conocido, dulce, amable y super linda, es genial!!

Profecía de las Hermanas, es un libro que cuenta la historia en 1890. Tenemos dos hermanas Lia y Alice, ellas han pasado por algunas muy tristes dificultades., perdieron a su mamá cuando eran muy pequeñas, perdieron a su papá a los 16, tienen un pequeño hermano al que cuidar, y todo lo que tienen es a su tía y se tienen a ellas. Pensarás que lo normal sería que ellas se mantuvieran juntas y trataran de mantener a su familia fuerte y unida; bueno las cosas no son tan sencillas.

Después de la muerte de su padre, Lia, esta totalmente triste y devastada, recordando la muerte de su madre, su casi inexistente relación con su gemela Alice, se siente sola; y aparte está esa rara marca que apareció en su brazo, justo después de perder a su padre. Tristeza y preocupación es todo cuanto rodea a Lia.

Alice está más rara que nunca, caminando y haciendo cosas extrañas por las noches, susurrando por los pasillos, Lia sabe que Alice guarda un secreto, un obscuro secreto y después de un tiempo se entera que existe una extraña y terrible profecía que las rodea a ambas. Una de ellas es la puerta, la otra es la guardiana, pero cual es cual y que es lo que significa.

Como ya lo dije antes, amé este libro, Ms. Zink, es una maestra en describir, rostros, situaciones, ambientes, sus descripciones son ricas en detalles su escritura es facil de llevar, suave y cadente, un reflejo de su personalidad amable y dulce. Puedes sentir como si el libro fuera contado para ti, como una obscura historia de misterio a un lado de la fogata. Todos los misterios te mantienen intrigado, queriendo leer mas, y también este libro te asusta. Yo admito que esa noche no pude dormir.

Todos los personajes están muy bien escritos y definidos, todos tienen su propia personalidad, y los amas o los odias, también me impresiona, que aunque existe una historia de amor para Lia, esta no es la parte más importante del libro, es incluso una historia secundaria, lo que es un cambio refrescante para todos estos libros actuales de jóvenes adultos y romance paranormal.

Lo recomiendo totalmente, en especial para este fin de semana de Noche de Brujas, si quieres leer un poco junto al fuego y asustarte mucho!!
Y con esto le doy a Michelle Zink 5 Crazy Book Cats!!


Comprálo en:

O en Book Depository:

Review Prophecy of the Sisters, by Michelle Zink





368 p.

Finally I get to this book Review, most say right now one of my favorite books of this 2010, I loved it, and since the very first page it caught me.

This next week I’ll be sharing some Michelle Zink reviews, interviews, and etc. so I really suggest you to keep coming back to the blog, cause honestly the interview was awesome!!!

One more thing I have to say before I get to my review is that, I loved the book, I know I say it before, and I loved it just because it is totally awesome, but after meeting (via web) Michelle Zink, I loved the book even more. She is one of the kindest ladies I’ve ever met, sweet and kind and totally nice, she rocks!!!

Prophecy of the sisters is a book, which places its story in 1890. We have two sisters Lia and Alice, they’ve been through some sad difficulties, lost their mom when they were too young, lost their dad at sixteen years old, have a little brother to take care of, and all what they have is their aunt, and each other. You must think that the normal thing to happen is that they stay together and try hard to keep their family strong and united; well things are not that easy.

After the death of her father Lia is totally sad and devastated, remembering her mother’s death, her nearly inexistence relation with her twin sister , she feels alone; and besides there is that rare mark that has appear on her arm almost immediately after her father was gone. Sadness and sorrow, it is all what surrounds Lia.

Alice is stranger than ever. Walking and doing strange things at night, Lia knows there is something she is hiding, a secret a dark secret and after a while she realizes there is some strange prophecy that surrounds them both, one of them is the gate, one of them is the guardian, but which is one, and what does it means.

As I’ve say it I loved this book, Ms. Zink, is a master, her description of the faces, the places, the situations, are rich in details, and her writing is so easy going, so smooth, so soft, the way she writes is totally a reflection of her kindness. You can almost feel that the book is being told to you, like a secret dark story told, by the fire at night. All the mysteries in this book, keep you intrigue, it also is really scary, it creeps you out, I know that day I read it I wasn’t able to sleep.

The characters are amazing, all are so well written, so defined, every one has its own personality, and even you hate them or love them, it also amazes me that even that it do exist a love story for Lia, it isn’t the most important thing of the book, it is even a secondary thing, and that was so refreshing, it is a turn from all the YA supernatural stories.

I totally recommend it to you, and especially for this Halloween weekend, if you want to get a little bit afraid and read a book by the fire, this must be your pick.

Michelle Zink totally got a 5 Crazy Book Cats with this book!!!, It rocks!!


Buy it at:

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Review of The Hunger Games Series, by Suzanne Collins.

Suzanne Collins
Scholastic Press

The Hunger Games Series
By Suzanne Collins
Scholastic Press

Finally I have a little bit of time to give it to my blog, I’ve been so busy with my new job, that I haven’t had time to make any review, fortunately I’ve still have time to read, and I will try to be posting once in a while my reviews, so If you read me, and you like it please don’t be disappointed, I’ll promise I will keep on going with the blog, the reviews, the news and the giveaways!!

Now, what we are here to, this is the review of The Hunger Games Series; I will write it like this, the three books together, because it was the way I read them. When, couple of months ago, Mockingjay was going to be release, I felt almost obligated to know what these books where about, so I read them, and I was fascinated, however they are not one of my favs this year, I can tell they are amazing, and I’m sure you will enjoy them, when you read them.

The Hunger Games is a series of books, that place they story in the future, a post-apocalyptic World , in which because of the Wars, the climatic situation, and the general indifference of the human for the World, the planet is in ruins, there is so little remaining, and from that remains, a “civilization” is formed, in where the humans are government’s slaves, a government that is authoritaris, extremist, and people only works to give goods to the government. There are poorness, hunger and sickness everywhere. In some point of the history of this civilization, the people get together to try to fight back the government, they are quickly defeated, and then the government, so the people never forgets, that the gov. is stronger than them; they install a reality show, that everyone is obligated to watch in the TV’s around the districts, in which 2 teenagers, boy and girl, from every district, is obligated to compete to death; so every year two families of every district are forced to watch how they kids die; this is sad, cruel, and primarily keeps everyone terrifying.

There’s when the story begins, with Katniss, Peta, and why not, Gale’s story. Katniss is just a young lady, when, because of the death of her father, is forced to become the support of her family, her little sister, and her weak mom ; Katniss have learn to hunt in a furtive way, and that’s what has have keep them barely alive, Gale is her friend and her hunting partner, he lost his father, just the same way that Katniss, the mine they both worked, was destroyed, with them in there, leaving a lot of families homeless. They have promise to help each other and to take care of them, and their families, if any of them miss. This year Katniss little sister is choosen to compete in the Hunger Games, seeing this, Katniss sacrifices herself to go her, instead her sister. The boy cosen to go is Peeta, a strong boy, son of the breadman, is obvious he have never been Rich, but alse he have never been hungry.

All the first book is about, the terrible adventures and missfortunes that Katniss and Peeta have to live in the reality show, they watch as the other competitors fight and kill each other; watching this sad reality, and Peak because of the Unger and sickness, there’s a momento in which both of them wish to be death; but there is something in beeing company for each other that make them stronger, and encourages them to keep on going; besides as a survive tactic, they have both pretend to have a romance, although there are some times in which it is difficult for Katniss to know if it is actually just a pretend. It is obvious that at the end, they are able to keep on going what lead un into Catching Fire.

In the second book, Suzanne, tell us how the Katniss and Peeta success, has become like a hope to all the districs, and show us little fights against the government in every district. Little by little Katniss realize, that she is fundamental to all this situation, and that maybe she could help to defeat the government, so the Hunger Games, are never ever played again; also Katniss start to get confused about her feelings for Gale and Peeta. In Mockingjay, the so expected last book of the series, Collins surprise us, with all the things going on, and when I really thought it couldn’t be more sadness in it, well, it get worst, Katniss lost some of her love ones, and then a really big war begins. The ending is the expected one, although I don’t think it is a %100 happy.

I loved theses books, a lot, Collins is a master, in describing scenarios and situations, her descriptions, fill you with anguish and pain, she really transport you to the future, and you really get to see how the things can become if we keep on being so indifferent to the world surrounding us. Personally I saw these books as a good scolding, they are for teenagers, that could feel identify and why not, maybe they will be encourage to do something for their communities, their equals, maybe they could feel encourage to help a little to world around them.

I couldn’t stop reading these books, I devour them in only 4 days, and even though I enjoy them a lot, I can’t deny there where some times in where they become so anguishing that I just wanted to close them and never ever read them again.

The characters are strong and well defined; they don’t change their essence, although they developed as beings. I love them all, the strong in Gale, the temperance in Peeta, and the love for her people in Katniss, are qualities every teenager, every person should share.

I totally recommend them, for kids and the parents of the kids. I give them, how I couldn’t, 5 Crazy Book Cats to this series, if you haven’t read them, please take the time to do it.


Reseña Hunger Games Trilogy de Suzanne Collins.

Suzanne Collins
Scholastic Press

Por fin tengo un poco de tiempo libre para darle a mi blog, he estado tan ocupada con el nuevo trabajo que pues ni oportunidad de hacer ninguna reseña, sin embargo he tenido tiempo de seguir leyendo, y procurare ir subiendo algunas reseñas poco a poco, si me lees y te gusta pues no te desesperes que aunque menos, pero aqui seguiré.

Bien ahora si a lo que nos atañe, esta es la reseña de la saga Los Juegos del Hambre; y la voy a hacer así, de los tres libros juntos, pues fue así como los leí. Cuando hace un par de meses empezó el furor por la salida de Mockingjay, me sentí casi obligada a saber de que se trataba, así que me di a la tarea de leerlos y puedo asegurarte que quedé encantada, si bien no son de mis libros favoritos en este año, si puedo decir que son muy buenos y sin duda, si aun no los has leido, los disfrutaras.

Los Juegos del Hambre, son unos libros que situan su historia en el futuro, un futuro, postapocalíptico, en el que debido a las guerras, al cambió climatico, y al descuido en general del ser humano por el mundo, el planeta esta en ruinas, quedá muy poco de él, y de lo poco que hay, una civilización logra formarse, una "semi" civilización, pues los humanos son esclavos, de un gobierno autoritario, extremista, las personas, viven solo para trabajar y proveer de bienes al gobierno, y sufren de pobreza y por supuesto constante hambre; hay pocas medicinas y muchas enfermedades, todo causado principalmente por la desnutrición. En algún punto de la historia de esta nueva "civilización" el pueblo se unio, en un levantamiento, el cual fue rapidamente derrotado por el gobierno y entonces, el gobierno, para que el pueblo nunca olvide, que ellos son mas fuertes y que nunca podrán superarlos, instala un reality show, que obligan a todos a ver por televisores, en el cual dos adolescentes , chica y chico, de cada distrito son obligados a competir a muerte; por lo tanto cada año una familia de cada distrito es forzada a ver como sus hijos pelean por su vida; es triste, cruel y sobre todo mantiene a todo el mundo aterrado.

Y ahí es donde empieza la historia, de Katniss, Peta y por que no yo también tomare en cuenta a Gale. Katniss es una adolescente apenas, que debido a la muerte de su padre, se ha visto obligada a ser el sustento de su familia, su debil madre y su pequeña hermana; Katniss a aprendido a cazar de manera furtiva, y eso es lo que las ha mantenido apenas con vida, Gale es su amigo y compañero de cazería quien perdió a su padre de la misma manera de Katniss; la mina en la que los dos señores trabajaban, se derrumbó, dejando así desamparadas a muchas familias. Ellos juntos han prometido ayudarse y cuidarse así como cuidar de sus familias en caso de que el otro falte. Este año, la hermana menor de Katniss es elegida para ir a los Juegos del Hambre, Katniss se sacrifica, ofreciendose a ir en lugar de su pequeña hermana y aunque Gale, desea ser el quien vaya, sabe, que alguno de los dos debe quedarse a cuidar de sus familias; el otro chico del distrito 12 elegido, es Peta, un chico fuerte hijo del panadero, a diferencia de Katniss, es obvio que el no ha sufrido de mala alimentación, tal vez no sean ricos precisamente, pero comida nunca les ha faltado.

Todo el Primer Libro, trata de precimente, las terribles aventuras y desgracias que Katniss y Peta tienen que vivir en el reality show, ven como los demás competidores, se cazan entre sí, y se matan unos a otros; ante esta triste realidad, y debiles por el hambre, llega un punto en el que ellos mismos desean la muerte, pero hay algo en el hacerse compañia que los hace mas fuertes, y los anima a seguir adelante, además que como táctica para obtener patrocinios, que siginifiquen comida o medicinas, han fingido un romance, aunque en algunos momentos, para Katniss es dificil saber si realmente solo estan fingiendo. El final no lo platicaré sin embargo, es obvio que ellos de alguna manera logran, salir adelante, lo cual nos dejará en Catching Fire.
En Catching Fire, Suzanne, nos relata como el triunfo de Katniss y Peta, se vuelve una esperanza para todos los distritos, y nos muestra como hay pequeños levantamientos a lo largo de todo el país. Poco a poco Katniss, se va dando cuenta de lo fundamental que es ella en toda es situacion y de como tal vez un poco ella puede ayudar a derrotar al gobierno, buscando que estos juegos del hambre, no sucedan mas; también para Katniss empieza la confusión de sus sentimientos hacia Peta y Gale. En Mockingjay, el esperado desenlace de esta saga Suzanne nos sorprende con todo lo que va sucediendo, y cuando yo realmente penzaba que ya todo era muy muy triste, bueno pues se pone mas triste aún, Katniss pierde a algunos de sus seres mas queridos y entonces una verdadera lucha comienza. El deselanze es el esperado, aunque no es precisamente 100% feliz.

Los libros me gustarón muchisimo, Collins, es una maestra al describir escenarios y situaciones, sus descrpciones te llenan de angustia y de dolor, y de verdad te transporta a esa era en el futuro, y de verdad logras ver como las cosas podrían llegar a ser si seguimos siendo tan indiferentes hacia le mundo que nos rodea. En lo personal vi a estos libros como una buena reprimenda mental, van dirigidos a jovenes que podrian sentirse identificados y por que no, llegar a hacer, dentro de lo posible, algo por su comunidad, por sus semejantes, ayudar un poco al mundo a su alrededor.

No podia dejar de leerlos, los deboré en cuestión de apenas 4 días, y aun asi los disfruté mucho, aunque no puedo negar que a veces eran tan angustiosos que solo queria cerrarlos y no volver a leerlos.

Los personajes, son fuertes, muy bien definidos, no cambian en esencia con el paso de los libros, mas si crecen o desarrollan como seres. Me encantarón, la fuerza de Gale, la templanza de Peta y el amor por los suyos de Katniss, caracteristicas que todos los adolescentes deberian compartir.

Los recomiendo totalmente, para chicos, y para los papás de estos chicos. Le doy, como nó, 5 Crazy Book Cats a esta Saga; si no la has leído por favor tomate el tiempo de hacerlo.


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Fall Giveaway WINNERS!!!

LOL, It´s been a long time and I am so sorry of being posting this just yet, is just that this past week was crazy, but finally after counting and adding ALL the entries.. the winners are finally here!!! I was so exited about this giveaway, the response was enormous and I wish I could give a book to every one who entered, unfortunatelly I´m not rich lol, anyhow, here are the winners,

-ASHLEY from Ashley´s Bookshelf


-Kailia Sage (don´t have a page for her)

Please note the next, you have 4 days to send me an email with your mailing address, your full name, and the book you wish to be send, remember this book will be buy on BookDepository, as it was say in the rules, if BookDepository don´t reach your country I will be forced to chose another winner, also remember the book you choose must be a book from all the ones I've talked here on the blog, if the book you wish is the sequel from any of the books I´ve blog is fine too.

For further informations please contact me.

Kisses for you all