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Review of The Hunger Games Series, by Suzanne Collins.

Suzanne Collins
Scholastic Press

The Hunger Games Series
By Suzanne Collins
Scholastic Press

Finally I have a little bit of time to give it to my blog, I’ve been so busy with my new job, that I haven’t had time to make any review, fortunately I’ve still have time to read, and I will try to be posting once in a while my reviews, so If you read me, and you like it please don’t be disappointed, I’ll promise I will keep on going with the blog, the reviews, the news and the giveaways!!

Now, what we are here to, this is the review of The Hunger Games Series; I will write it like this, the three books together, because it was the way I read them. When, couple of months ago, Mockingjay was going to be release, I felt almost obligated to know what these books where about, so I read them, and I was fascinated, however they are not one of my favs this year, I can tell they are amazing, and I’m sure you will enjoy them, when you read them.

The Hunger Games is a series of books, that place they story in the future, a post-apocalyptic World , in which because of the Wars, the climatic situation, and the general indifference of the human for the World, the planet is in ruins, there is so little remaining, and from that remains, a “civilization” is formed, in where the humans are government’s slaves, a government that is authoritaris, extremist, and people only works to give goods to the government. There are poorness, hunger and sickness everywhere. In some point of the history of this civilization, the people get together to try to fight back the government, they are quickly defeated, and then the government, so the people never forgets, that the gov. is stronger than them; they install a reality show, that everyone is obligated to watch in the TV’s around the districts, in which 2 teenagers, boy and girl, from every district, is obligated to compete to death; so every year two families of every district are forced to watch how they kids die; this is sad, cruel, and primarily keeps everyone terrifying.

There’s when the story begins, with Katniss, Peta, and why not, Gale’s story. Katniss is just a young lady, when, because of the death of her father, is forced to become the support of her family, her little sister, and her weak mom ; Katniss have learn to hunt in a furtive way, and that’s what has have keep them barely alive, Gale is her friend and her hunting partner, he lost his father, just the same way that Katniss, the mine they both worked, was destroyed, with them in there, leaving a lot of families homeless. They have promise to help each other and to take care of them, and their families, if any of them miss. This year Katniss little sister is choosen to compete in the Hunger Games, seeing this, Katniss sacrifices herself to go her, instead her sister. The boy cosen to go is Peeta, a strong boy, son of the breadman, is obvious he have never been Rich, but alse he have never been hungry.

All the first book is about, the terrible adventures and missfortunes that Katniss and Peeta have to live in the reality show, they watch as the other competitors fight and kill each other; watching this sad reality, and Peak because of the Unger and sickness, there’s a momento in which both of them wish to be death; but there is something in beeing company for each other that make them stronger, and encourages them to keep on going; besides as a survive tactic, they have both pretend to have a romance, although there are some times in which it is difficult for Katniss to know if it is actually just a pretend. It is obvious that at the end, they are able to keep on going what lead un into Catching Fire.

In the second book, Suzanne, tell us how the Katniss and Peeta success, has become like a hope to all the districs, and show us little fights against the government in every district. Little by little Katniss realize, that she is fundamental to all this situation, and that maybe she could help to defeat the government, so the Hunger Games, are never ever played again; also Katniss start to get confused about her feelings for Gale and Peeta. In Mockingjay, the so expected last book of the series, Collins surprise us, with all the things going on, and when I really thought it couldn’t be more sadness in it, well, it get worst, Katniss lost some of her love ones, and then a really big war begins. The ending is the expected one, although I don’t think it is a %100 happy.

I loved theses books, a lot, Collins is a master, in describing scenarios and situations, her descriptions, fill you with anguish and pain, she really transport you to the future, and you really get to see how the things can become if we keep on being so indifferent to the world surrounding us. Personally I saw these books as a good scolding, they are for teenagers, that could feel identify and why not, maybe they will be encourage to do something for their communities, their equals, maybe they could feel encourage to help a little to world around them.

I couldn’t stop reading these books, I devour them in only 4 days, and even though I enjoy them a lot, I can’t deny there where some times in where they become so anguishing that I just wanted to close them and never ever read them again.

The characters are strong and well defined; they don’t change their essence, although they developed as beings. I love them all, the strong in Gale, the temperance in Peeta, and the love for her people in Katniss, are qualities every teenager, every person should share.

I totally recommend them, for kids and the parents of the kids. I give them, how I couldn’t, 5 Crazy Book Cats to this series, if you haven’t read them, please take the time to do it.


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  1. Happy to see that you enjoyed them so much; I did, too! And I'm so excited for the movie!

  2. I really enjoyed these books they are great

  3. Eu gostei bastante da sua resenha, esses livros realmente são ótimos, mal posso esperar pelos filmes.


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