jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

Welcome 2013!!!


After a long, looong vacation, and seeing that, as someone were saying, the world didn't end, I'm back, to write a little or much about the little or much I know about books and stuff.

Briefly a summary of 2012 of my book, in fact,last year started with excellent books, ones of my favorites so far, Golden Lily, The Night Circus, Emerald  Green from the Edelstein trilogy, and among others that I liked a lot indeed 2012 was a year of very good books, and I hope that 2013 will surpass this.

As is almost customary in 2012 I decided to read 60 books, do not succeed, reached only 26, I feel a little sad about that, and that's why this year I'll try again, once again 60 books! !

How many books will you try to read???

----->  2013 Reading Challenge

-----> My 2012 books Mis libros 2012

I've already read one this year, wich I am not going to talk about, because I have it programmed for a blog tour in the future months, I was a bit dissapointed by it, and really hope that the books I will read, get better and better.

In other news, this past Christmas my husband give me an Ipad, so hopefully it will mean that I will be able to purchase a lot more of books, even if they havent been published in spanish.

And here is where I end my very first post of 2013!!

Wish you a wonderfull year full of marvelous books!!



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