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My Thoughts on 50 Shades of Grey...

Rated PG-16

First of all if you're under 18, please go and read any other review of this blog, I recommend the one of Black City, and if you are interested in reading 50 Shades of Grey, think two, three or even four times before doing it, better go read the Ruby Red trilogy, the best books I've read since Harry Potter's.
If you continue reading you agree being more than 18 years old.
I had decided not to write anything about 50 Shades of Grey, because I think that the more we talk about it, the more popular it will become and this will grow this phenomenon that I would rather call monster, ha, but some friends have asked me about it, so we can call this a community service.
I want to clarify something, everyone has the right to think or feel whatever you want about a book, so if after reading this review you still want to read, that's perfect, because I'd love to get your feedback. There are tastes for everything and there is probably a large market who will like this book. I just didn't like it.
I read this book when it was still a fan fiction called Master of the Universe, starting with the name and it goes badly, who dares to be named like that???, I was curious and read it, because it was a Twilight fan fiction, another track proving this book wasn't  going well, I mean, I really liked the Twilight books, but let's face it, is not the best literature we have read, not nearly. What did E.L. James did?, well she grabbed Bella and Edward, she distort them a little (or maybe a lot) and transported to a world, I would like to say sex, drugs and rock & roll, but no, that would have been fun, and this book is not funny at all, so let's say she transported them to a world of sex, submission and sadomasochism.
The story is very poorly written, the lead vocal is an eternal monologue of the girl in question, which never allows the reader to get into the story, we always just spectators.
Bella, as it was called in the fan fiction, or Anastasia, as it is called in the book already published, is an insecure girl, immature, and somewhat disturbed, all the time thinking of herself as another person, which indicates a serious personality problem. She had never had any kind of intimacy, is kind of told that she has never explored her own body. Of course she is beautiful and curiously all men around her fall for her, for her tremendous stupidity and lack of charm. Its told she is very smart and applied, but it never really shows.
Edward / Christian, is a man with personality problems caused by childhood traumas (this situation is soooo bad situation treaty that will need another post). What's all his appeal?, Well, he is described as  the most handsome man in the universe, ultra millionaire, who pilots an helicopter,sails a yacht, launches in parachute, plays piano and cause so much respect (fear) that their employees can not even see him straight to the eyes. It is rude, tyrant, dominant, and treats Bella / Ana like some kind of puppy, and because all this qualities she falls completely surrendered to his feet, and I mean that literally because in the  very first scene they know each other, she falls headlong into him, what a cliché.
In my opinion someone should have paid a dictionary to E.L. James, constantly read phrases like: Oh My, I whispers, she whispers, we whisper, my inner goddess, I have Never Felt This Way Before.
Arg! Once read maybe not that bad, but she says  that so many times that if I read inner goddess one more time I will pull away my eyes, well not that much, but it is for you to understand how much I hate that phrase. The blissful inner goddess is the alter ego of Ana or subconscious or who knows, who keeps leaping, jumping and spinning each time she has an orgasm, because, yes! Despite it is her first time and although she was one hundred percent unexperienced, she had orgasms, a lot.
Ana constantly think Christian is terrible and crazy, and is ays afraid of him and of being beaten, but justifies him by saying that he feels not worthy of being loved, so she clings to him and accept he as he is, even if it means engaging in a sadomasochistic relationship in which she is always afraid. I mean, if a couple decides to experience or live the SM is perfect as long as they both agree, they enjoy it and not harming others. Again I must be honest, I do not know thoroughly the culture of submission and SM, however I have read reviews of those who practice this type of culture or sex, and say they are upset because the writer aboard it in a wrong way, I repeat these are comments I've read on other blogs and websites, unaware of the SM culture could not be sure.

Sub plots exist in the book, which serve only to fill between a sex scene and other, and they are so much that the sub plots get completely lost.
The sex scenes, well  apart from being highly repetitive  in dialogue, and involving fetishes and punishments, are not that bad, they're good, descriptive and sexy, but they are so many, and so constant that they bored, every fight takes to sex, every time she does something and he does not like it they have sex, every meal leads to sex, every .. well I think you understand. And then it becomes, bored, tired, tiresome, and as Homer Simpson said "boooooring."
They have called this book Mommy Porn, saying that this pornography is for moms and housewives,  offends me! Being myself a mom and a housewife, I did not like the book and do not like that they include me in that market. There are thousands of writers who are dedicated to writing historical erotica, romantical erotica, pagan erotica supernatural erotica and so on., And who have spent years doing it, if you want to read porn erotic, there are thousands of books much more recommended that the book in question, it is like in the movies, just because it is pornography it shouldn't be bad  directed or written.

Here I am aproaching to the conclusion, as I feel that I stretched over than what this book deserves. Good for E.L. James, she manage to became a published writer and this is a win for anyone who achieved it, good for those who read or will read this book, as long as they are aware that it is a BOOK, and are aware that it is not okay to be controlled, battered and physically and mentally abused just to keep a man happy and that submission and masochism is fine as long as you both agree.
Wrong, because unfortunately many many young girls are reading this book and could be confused and think that this is the right way to deal with their sexuality, and many youngsters who would get to read this book, may be confused and think that this is the right way to treat women. And this is sad.

Because loyal to the truth if we take away Christian Grey's beauty and the hundreds of millions, he is no more than a very perverse, cruel and rude man that abuse of an unexpirienced silly girl.
Good if you read for fun, bad if you think that this is how things should be.
Please share your opinion and I hope not to offend anyone with this post.

PS. I wrote this at 4:30 am so sorry for the bad grammar or spelling horrors.

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