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Vanish by Sophie Jordan, Review

After a long waiting, finally I got to read Vanish of Sophie Jordan.

I don't sound very excited, ¿right?, well the reason is that I expected more.

This books starts just in the final moment of Firelight, which is great, a lot of continuity, they are running away from the hunters, Cassian has save them, from the terrible mistake of Jacinda, and thus, practically the whole book is, Jacinda getting in trouble for being immature and irresponsible.

What happens in the book is, in my opinion, has already turned into a very pink novel, and if  I want those kind of novels I better watch the terrible ones on the television.

Okay, I can not be so cruel, there are good things, for example Cassian, that neither ends to be good, but not bad, and is very sexy, Tamra, Jacinda's sister has finally awakened to her inner drakhi, and is great, all mysterious and full of strength and power, I like the writer gave rise to her character. I do not like Will, does not convince me, and I'm not convinced the romance between him and Jacinda, they barely had time to get to know each other and ther are endangering their families, races and beliefs, by a fast love, is a little absurd, I know, I know that in the novels of this genre so happens, they fall in love in a few minutes, but here I feel I miss a little more romance, perhaps.

Well, of course I'll read Hidden since the end of Vanish, at least leave us with the promise of a little more action and adventure, and I hope that at this end of the trilogy love between Will and Jacinda will be strengthened .

I'll give to it 3 Crazy Book Cats

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Vanish de Sophie Jordan

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