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Teaser Tuesday.. Phoenix (Black City #2) by Elizabeth Richards

Blurb to come!
Expected Publication: June 2013

We stay like this for an hour, saying nothing. Only the thrum of her aching heart sounds in my ears. Eventually she turns around to face me and silently cries against my chest.
After she’s cried all her tears, she looks up at me. “Ash, will you promise me one thing?”
I nod. “Anything.”
“Promise me that when we face Purian Rose, I’ll be the one who gets to kill him.”
(Ash, Phoenix – A Black City Novel, Book #2, June 2013)


Author Bio:

Elizabeth Richards is an award-winning journalist, who spent her early career reviewing videogames before making the bold (or crazy) move into travel writing, despite suffering from terrible travel sickness.
 In her spare time, she ran a successful lifestyle website aimed at teenage girls, where she got to interview many of her favourite bands, go to gigis and basically blag loads of free swag all in the name of  'research'.
Elizabeth lives in Buckinghamshire, England, with her husband. Black City is her debut novel.

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Enjoy your reading!!

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