lunes, 12 de julio de 2010

Monday Featuring Review, Introducing: "Switched" by Amanda Hocking.

by Amanda Hocking
Kindle Edition

1. Wendy, 17 year old girl, was an outsider, she has always feel like she does not belong anywhere, but hey that's normal must kids feel that way; the only thing was that she is not like most kids. After a dramatic and cruel incident on her 6th birthday Wendy, came under the care of her aunt and her big brother. Wendy never really appreciate all the efforts her aunt and brother did for her, and when she was about to begin thanking them and making efforts to give them something in return for their sacrifices, she is forced to leave them, and then is when her adventure to a incredible and unbelievable reality will begin.
2. I read Switched as a e-book, so I missed a little bit the feeling of having it physically on my hands, though the pages design is neat and has this little flower design on some corners that make it look nice, the cover was published on the author’s blog, and the picture looks beautiful, so dramatic, but I think it needs to be worked a little but more on the details.
3. Switched is a young adult book, full of urban fantasy, and paranormal romances, three of my favorite genres. So I encourage to all who love this genres to read Switched this summer.
4. All the characters are strong and well defined, very real and not exaggerated. Though in the beginning of the book Wendy is a rebel kid, with a mean vein and she lost a bit of that on the last chapters and I really missed that. Exactly that happen to the main male character which in the beginning was kind of creepy and then he transformed completely into a gentleman, although this could be the authors intention, sometimes I wish characters remain as their personality was defined, not that they can’t evolve on the book, but there are some characteristics that they must not loose. The plot is clear, not confusions, we have a beginning a middle and a ending, and that is great, because what we expected to get solved in any way, at the end it is finally solved, no loose ends. There is only one thing I will love to ask the author.. I need some explanation about the shoes…haha ok I say no more because I don’t want spoilers here.
5. I enjoy reading it so much, the writing is so easy, so neat, that I didn’t got distracted by anything, no excessive descriptions, and no too much words to tell one thing. Amanda Hocking has a very funny and enjoyable way to tell stories is like she were gossip with you and that is lovely. I had fun and I really love some of the male characters, attractive, loyal, valiant, all of what a girl wants.
6. Switched is a beautiful book, with lots of fun, with a unique spooky vein, and lots of romance. It need a little bit more of action, and some closures,but definitely I am really looking forward to read the sequels of it.
7. I really recommended it, specially for the summer vacations. And if you love all paranormal romance, and urban fantasy, this is a must read for you. I give it 4 Crazy Book Cat (s).

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