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Review Shadow Kiss, Vampire Academy 3, by Richelle Mead.

Shadow Kiss
Vampire Academy 3
by Richelle Mead
448 p.

1. After witnessing the tragic murder of her friend Mason, Rose Hathaway isn’t feeling pretty much like herself. She has been shearing thoughts with her best friend Lissa, and being in her mind, lately is becoming embarrassing, because Lissa is living a plenty romance with Christian. Besides, lately Rose is feeling angry all the time and she does not know where this anger comes from and she feels disturbed, and also she is feeling scared, thinks she is getting crazy, cause she is seeing Mason’s ghost. With this all going all, what else could happen?, well, as always Rose should known that future is not coming easily.
2. Is a neat, clean and simple book design, also the cover is sexy and attractive.
3. Definitely this book is for young adults that love paranormal romance.
4. All the books of this saga differ for being strong books, Richelle Mead is a person who thinks absolutely all the details at the moment of writing, in her books you are in a safe world, meaning, you do not remain with doubts, the intrigues are enormous, nevertheless you know that ultimately you will understand what happened, unless they leave you with the doubt up to the next book :D. Every time we get to feel closer to the main characters, we identify more and more with them and some of them we get to love. All the characters are faithful to their personality.
5. I have become a huge fan and follower of this series. This is a really sad book and it really affected me. I loved the book, and Im dying to read the sequel, I need to know what’s happening next.
6. An entertaining, fun, intriguing and especially super sexy book, full of romance and adventure. You are going to love it.
7. I recommend It very much, one of my favorites among many others!! 5 Crazy Book Cat (s) for Shadow Kissed.

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