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Book Review: The Iron Knight By Julie Kagawa

First of all, thanks so much to Harlequin, for lend me this galley. Said that, I can start with this review, which I'm so glad to write.

I'm totally in love with The Iron Fey Series, Julie Kagawa, truly amazes you with her writing, and her stories surprise you every time, you will never know what to wait.

The Iron Knight was a long expected book for me, and I must say it didn't dissapoint at all.

The voice of Ash is clear so real, and believable, he is strong, and rude maybe, but he is also so caring, is evident his love for the people he cares, but not in a girly way, he is totally guy, which is amazing knowing it was written by a woman, that's when you may believe that this characters all ready become more real that just in the paper, they had actually become a reality. They exist.

It's a dark book, is maybe not as sweet or light than the first ones, this is more dark, is terrifying at some points, the escenarios can creep you out, let you with out sleep, some of the characters are just disturbing, but the most frightening thing at all, and this may be kind of spoiler, is the idea of dissapear, when nobody thinks nomore about you, so sad.

The journey Ash will began will let him with just two options, and it is so distressing that you never know what he will do, not until almost the very end, so distressing, Julie Kagawa is truly a master.

This journey though is not only for Ash is also for us like readers .. Julie do something more than write fiction this time.. she wrote introspection, the story makes you wonder about your own life and your own decisions, this books goes beyond fantasy to be very very alive.

I loved all the characters even the Grim, that at some points you just want him to shut up.

I really truly strongly recommend you this book. And if you have already read it, please let me know your comments about it!!!

5 Crazy Book Cats for this one!!

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