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Review: Nice Girls Don't have Fangs by Molly Harper.

Nice Girls don't have fangs

by Molly Harper

Pocker Star

March 2009

1. After being unfairly fired from her dream job, a librarian, Jane Jameson, throws herself to the closest bar to drown her sadness. While leaving it, sad, aimlessly and lets faced a little bit drunk , she walks along the shore of the road with the intention of getting to River Oaks, her house. Nevertheless this one was not Jane's destiny, few fts away; she sees a light truck approaching dangerously her, and later an intense pain and a lot of heat spreading over her body. Jane knows that this is the end, knows that the death hovers slowly on of her, but does not know what is waiting for her later.
2. The book is simple enough and nice and the very suggestive and entertaining, cover is almost a reflection of what the history will be.
3. Believe that this book is directed an adult, but equal hearing, adult young persons also can feel interested parties in this type of reading.
4. Ok, the book is very good, full of humor and sarcasm, the awkward situations in which Jane gets involved, as new vampire, are unusual and crazy. The story is not confused, is probably a bit slow somehow, but there are loose ends, which I grateful very much. The main characters are interesting and well defined, you can see clearly how they are and to listen their voices. Molly Harper is very good creating characters that we can imagine completely. Jane is an adult lady, living alone and going out forward and the book tells us her incidents after having been turned into vampire to be able this way to continue "living".
5. I liked Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs, it is an entertaining book, it made me laugh in many situations, it did not stressed me, the only thing is that there is no mystery, alone certain strange situations that are surrounding Jane's new life, but the discovery from this comes very ultimately, so really I got lost the whole intrigue, let's say that basically the book tells us a bit of how it will be Jane's new life. And though, I repeat, I liked the book, I never felt desperate for reading it; even it took me more than a year finishing it, because there was always a more appealing book that draws my attention.
6. A nice book just to spend a while on it.
7. I recommend it, for sure you will laugh very much, especially with Jane's infamy. I give it 3 Crazy Book Cats.
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  1. Love this series. Waiting for more.
    Me gustaba esta serie. Espero el/la proximo/a libre.
    Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

  2. Thanks for your comment!!, I really enjoyed this book, is just that I never was really caught by it :S


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