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Dark Lover by J.R. Ward, Review and Critique.

Dark Lover
J. R. Ward
416 p.

Beth was living a lonely life, a job that didn’t make her happy and a long time without a date. Suddenly one day she is visited by a strange man, who confuses her and makes her vibrate in a way without equally. Beth gets involved in an unknown world, and little by little she discovers that vampires actually exist and that she soon will turn into one of them.

A dark and rather Gothic, completely erotic novel. When I read it I feel like to be reading some graphical police novel, the described scenes are dark, and while I was reading it I almost kind of listen in my mind to the voice of a narrator saying " The Night was Night .. ". It is a book short and easy to read, very few situations come to the point of causing real fear, nevertheless, some characters may cause certain dread. Attractive and strong vampires, soulless vampire hunters, policemen and beautiful women are the ingredients that are fused to create a book of night and entertaining reading, must not take long reading it. A book that isn’t changing your life and probably not managing to get you hooked up with any character, but it serves to spend a good reading time. Definitively I do not recommend it for 17-year-old minors. Recommended only if you like erotic novels.

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