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Saturday Featuring Review, New Design !!

Saturday Featuring Review.

Reviews New Design on Crazy Book Reader.

Well as I wish to improve the reviews I do, I have give myself the task to find the the most important things that a reader may need to know about a book he wants to read, and I found some things that are important to me too in book review, so what I am going to do know is to post here the new list of topics I am going to place on a review. I think this will make my reviews more organized and it will help you to find easier what you are looking in my reviews. As for me, I think this will help me to work better and faster.

1. Short description of the book. (Spoilers Free) (Theme, plot, characters, setting)
2. Short chat on graphic design, cover, back cover, pages design)
3. Whose audience is directed to.
4. Evaluation. (forcefulness, definition of plot and characters)
5. I which way was I affected by the book.
6. Final Statement.
7. Recommendation.


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