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Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, Review and Critique.

Beautiful Creatures (Hermosas Creaturas)
De Kami García y Margaret Stohl
Little Brown
576 p.

Ethan Wate, gasps to go out of the village in which he has lived always, with the lack of his mother and his father always locked up, he is alone; and having a few very strange dreams. A new and mysterious girl comes to his school, and being this in a village the
gossip starts, especially for the dread that causes that she is relative to the hermit of the village. Ethan far from rejecting her or to be afraid of her as the others, feels immediately attracted towards her and with the strange need to protect her. Ethan has no idea of what this mysterious girl would bring to his life and the extraordinary world that was on the verge of discovering.

From the first page I get glued to this book, to read it from the point of view of a boy was awesome. Ethan Wate is a sincere, honest and very real character has the qualities that almost we would want to see in the boy of the high school that we liked. He is athletic and at the same time with the enough sensibility as to feel love for books. Wow, a dream comes true.

Lena is a mysterious girl isolated of the world for herself but also for the others, to the being and outsider, becomes difficult to adapt, nothing that does not happen with any new girl, who wants to continue being herself, in any institute.

The book is wonderfully redacted, the description, of the smells is so detailed that it makes you feel like being there; sometimes the book can manage to be really dark and is fascinating how it drives you and get frightened.

Written by two excellent authoresses, it is impressive how they connected so well that you can not notice that they are two different persons, it is as if the genius of both had joined in one alone.

The romance is touching and at the same time very sexy, the scenes between Ethan and Lena, they are full of sweetness and at the same time many sexual tension; this without turning into anything in obscene.

The topic, in spite of being inside the already well-known supernatural romances and urban fantasy, has a good quantity of new situations, the casters, the voodoo, everything approached from the personality of the southerners, is a trip to a magic land and unfortunately full of prejudices. All that makes of Beautiful Creatures, a rich book in context, with wonderful very well developed characters and with such a pure and impossible love story as the union of fire and ice.

The end was completely unexpected, and it leaves you wanting more; luckily we will have that already in a few weeks in Beautiful Darkness.

I really recommend it, if you have not read it yet, definitively it has to be on your list of “to be read” for these summer.

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