martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, critic and review.

Hush, Hush.
Beca Fitzpatrick
Simon & Schuster
394 p.

Nora is obliged to become biology partner with the new boy in the school, a cryptic, very quiet and mysterious boy. He is rough and rude with her, but still Nora is obliged to know him better because the assignment the teacher have given them in class, strangely whenever Nora is around him, she lose a bit her inhibitions and is feeling strangely attracted to him.

Wings, fallen angels, avenging angels, scions of human beings with fallen angels; all that and certain quantity of mystery, make this one a fascinating book.

I love reading it, if you do not have much to do, then reading it should take you just a few hours. Nora is a charming character, is not innocent, is aggressive and at the same time very real; normal things, as shades or noises in house make her afraid, in the same way as you can been frightened when you hear strange noises in the night. Becca Fitzpatrick does a great job on having described the places and the situations, shades noises, deceitful mist, they are elements that have you always in the edge, feeling fear, and finally the relation between Nora and Patch, her mysterious partner, in every page becomes closer and very much sexier.

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