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Critique and Review Circus of the Damned by Laurell K. Hamilton

Circus of the Damned.
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series.
Laurell K. Hamilton.
Ace Books.
329 p.

In St. Louis, the chaos has arrive, apparently a band of crazy vampires are committing terrible murders, leaving behind bodies that to the third day get up as really violent vampires. Anita Blake, vampire hunter, must help the police to stop them, before this turns into a bath of blood.

A main new vampire in the city wants Anita as his human servant and he will fight against Jean-Claude, the current owner of the city, to get it. Anita discovers that the lycans now are followers of Jean-Claude and she will have to learn to deal with them and their strange behavior, especially with one, Richard, who radiates a very attractive energy and is extremely handsome.

A war between vampires has began and Anita is just in the middle of this one, and she will have to face with the oldest and powerfully vampire that she has ever known, a vampire of almost a million years.

An entertaining book, jus that. It is interesting as Laurell K. Hamilton, is introducing new topics, to the plain one of the vampires and the murders that Anita investigates with the police, nevertheless the plot is becoming a bit predictable, both previous books contain the same elements and in this one we do not have any surprise. The new characters are something of what we could feel satisfied, are well detailed characters, towards which we can be sorry or sharm and to hope that they appear in the subsequent books. Is a book to spend a nice evening and overcoat if already you are caught in Anita Blake's saga, you cannot stop reading it, and maybe to read it is almost like a task, but let's remember that always is good to read a book. I recommend it only if you have read the previous ones.

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