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Review and critic SHIVER, by Maggie Stiefvater.

Grace is like any other girl next door; only with the little detail of which at the age of eleven she was attacked by wolves. She is kind of a loner, she has always had two best friends but since they left the puberty their tastes have changed a bit and this has been separating them. The only thing that always has been with her for six years is a wolf that was present when she was attacked, this wolf always has observed her from the shores of the forest, and she was feeling puzzled by this wolf, even already she loved him like hers. Grace will discover that her wolf hides more than one secret and that the deepest desire of her heart may become a reality.

After reading other books that were also on my list, yesterday I gave me time to finish reading Shiver, of Maggie Stiefvater; honestly, an excellent book, easy to read, very digestible and slightly pretentious. The story is simple, there are the second plots but always less complicated than the principal one, which does that the book is easy to understand, agreeably; is a book of 400 half pages or so, which we might call short. Maggie Stiefvater, does not lose many lines in descriptions and even this way, has magic to transport ourselves towards the place that the characters live. She speaks us about colors, forms and smells and it she does it with great detail but without getting us lost too much. The main characters are agreeable and easy to feel identified with them; most of them are high school kids with the same problems that any other one; Grace the main character is a high school student, but even this way it is nice to see as Stiefvater did not bore us with tedious descriptions on the school only the indispensable thing to be able to locate ourselves. It contains a bit of the sexuality that wakes up at this age but since she does not abound in descriptions, the reading does not turn for adults, and the scenes are nice and even sweet, tender and ride of a very soft way. It is a story of fantasy and romance, and a bit of mystery. Great fantasy book, for young adults and maybe not so young.

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