jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Six days until new release Like Bees to Honey, by Caroline Smailes.

Like Bees to Honey
by Caroline Smailes
The Friday Project
464 p.

Nina, her son Christopher in tow, flies to Malta for one last visit with her aging parents.

Her previous attempt to see them ended in tears. Disowned for falling pregnant while at university in England, she was not allowed into the house.

This will be her final chance to make her peace with them.

But Malta holds more secrets and surprises than Nina could possibly imagine. What she finds is not the land of her youth, a place full of memories and happiness. Instead she meets dead people. Lots of them.

Malta, it transpires, is a transit lounge for recently deceased spirits and somehow Christopher enables her to see them, speak with them and help them.

And, in return, they help Nina come to terms with her own loss. One so great that she has yet to admit it to herself.

Description taken from http://www.carolinesmailes.co.uk/like-bees-to-honey

Pre-Order it at http://www.amazon.co.uk

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