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Kiss of Death by Rachel Caine. Critique and Review.

Kiss of Death
Morganville Vampires #8
by Rachel Caine
Signet, Penguin Group
256 p.

Welcome to Morganville. You’ll never want to leave.
And even if you do ... well, you can’t.
Sorry about that.

Morganville is a small town in Texas, nothing out of the normal, of course if we obviate that the vampires govern the city.

Clare Danvers went to live there to go to college and now she cannot leave. She is the protected one and maid of the principal vampire of Morganville, the oldest Amelie, and personal assistant of the scientist, vampire and madman Myrnin.

She lives in the Glass House with her friends, the gothic Eve, the most handsome, rock Star and vampire Michael, and certainly her adored boyfriend Shane.

The adventures and Clare's misfortunes in this city already have been to the top of danger and have worked out freed well, barely. This time they have the chance to go out of Morganville; Amelie has given permission in order that they are going to Dallas to record Michael's cd, is a round trip certainly, but even this way it is to go out of Morganville, to forget at least for a few days of the vampires, to breathe freely. What could possible go wrong?

To read Kiss of Death was wonderful and refreshing, Rachel Caine, take us of the daily life in Morganville, and leads us to a walk, invites us to know what would happen if they could go out of Morganville. And obviously the problems don’t wait.

These guys are magnets for trouble, specially the vampire trouble; action scenes are excellently well narrated and described by Caine, you can feel the tension and the stress to rise little by little, wishing it finishes soon and that finally they have a minute of peace. Minute of peace that really it is necessary for Clare and Shane who take their relation to a very sexy tension, and we all whom adore this couple wish that they at least could have some time for themselves.

Even we see how the problems appear among these friends, the personality of each one, make them get into problems with everything what they come across.

As always a great book, it is full of action and romance. Rachel Caine, has broken with the expected and takes us for a ride and it was charming. Two thumbs up.

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