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Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, Review and Critique.

Vampire Academy
by Richelle Mead
336 p.

Rose and Lissa, the Dragomir Princess, have been living, running and hiding for the last two years. They run away from the maximum security and private institute where they studied, this just for the well-being of the princess, Rose will never allow that anything happen to the Princess, she is after all her best friend. But there are catch by one of the best Guards, Dimitri, and they are forced to return.

After getting back, they will have to catch on with the classes, they will have to face high school intrigues, forbidden romances, but specially Rose will have to fight back to protect her best friend from the Strigoi, un-dead and evil vampires that want Moroi´s blood, alive and good vampires; and yes, by the way Lissa, she is a Moroi.

Until now, one of the best books I have read. Rose as main character is great. She is strong, intelligent, fun, aggressive, and clever. She breaks the rules even the ones that are specially made for her, she is always into trouble but only to get a higher good. Lissa, on her side, she is tender and sweet and nice, she is exactly the opposite of Rose, she is a weak character, but only physically, because she possesses a great love capacity, and she only wants to help others. Sometimes you can love her, but some other times you can really get desperate because her innocence. This book of course has guys, and wow the guys, they are pretty handsome. Dimitri as a Guard, he is smart, intelligent, strong, and responsible and serious, but sometimes he can do some crazy things but just because of the attraction he feels for Rose, but he will always protect Rose and Lissa; and Christian, a rejected Moroi, he will make Lissa feel that she is not alone when she feels different or depressed and that he can be her companion, even something more.

In a contemporary environment, surrounded by the vampire myths, mixed with institutes that look like old palaces, royalty vampire conducts and ceremonies placed all in the Montana woods; the trees and mountains in the background, make this book an extraordinary experience, you feel transported to the mystery that offers the shadows and the mist of the woods.

Full of romance, action, mystery and a lot of vampires, this is a book that, without doubt, will catch you.

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